WF2020: The integration of a student response system in an electrical engineering course

Beskrivelse av denne økta fra nettsida til Webinarfestivalen 2020:
Tirsdag 24. november 2020, kl. 13:30:13:50
Dimosthenis Peftitsis, NTNU
Anna Mavroudi, NTNU

Student Response Systems (SRS) can promote active learning and provide useful insights regarding students’ progress and understanding. We used an SRS in selected topics of an electrical engineering course, where the tutor knew beforehand from his didactic experience that students face difficulties. We then interviewed the participant students to understand their opinions and their attitudes about the integration of SRS in the course. In the session we will share the results of the interviews and discuss them with the session participants. Before attending the session, the participants can see a video about SRS in education in general:

Motivation for SRS in this course:
-> multi-disiplinary nature of the course
-> to monitor class dynamics
-> to increasee students’ understanding
-> to enhance students’ engagement with the course

Design of SRS activities:
-> targeting the top three cognitive levels of Blooms taxonomy
-> multiple choice with 4-5 options
-> 4-5 quizzes for a 2-hour lecture session (diagnostic test at the beginning of the lecture, plus 4 quizzes to reflect theory)
-> post-lecture reflection quiz

-> the clickers helped to sustain student attention, concentration and focus during the lectures
-> students apppreciate the anonymity when they answered the quizzes