WF2020: Lessons learned: The role of creative thinking in developing innovative pedagogical approaches in higher education

Beskrivelse av denne økta fra nettsida til Webinarfestivalen 2020:
Tirsdag 24. november 2020, kl. 11:00 - 11:20
Shaun Nykvist, NTNU

The transformation of teaching and learning has been on the agenda for many Higher Education Institutes over the last 10 years, however in the last few months we have seen a more rapid response to transforming the teaching and learning practices for all. It is within this context of transformation and the need for creative thinking and innovation, that this presentation will provide practical examples of international trends in higher education teaching and learning. Throughout the presentation, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their current pedagogical approaches and identity as they explore new and existing ways of embracing digital tools to support their teaching and learning.

Creativity - New Perspectives:
-> changing the angle, think differently

What stops creativity? (James Adams, 1986)

  • Fear
  • Ambuiguity
  • Judgement
  • Time
  • Challenge : Lack of challenge
  • Reality

“How do you foster creative thinking in your curriculum or studies?”