Post-it-parade (PIP)

#community #collaboration #idea-generation #online #on-campus #knowledge-sharing

This activity is a way for the instructor to get a general sense of what sort of questions, concerns, or ideas the students may have. It’s also a great way to generate a take-away (the list of questions, ideas, or concerns posted by the students).


  1. Students are provided with a question or prompt for which they need to generate ideas, solutions, etc.
  2. Give each student a few post-its, and have them write out 1 idea per post-it.
  3. Students then post the post-its on the chalkboard or wall. Depending on the question or prompt, it may be useful to have them place the post-its in areas to group them by topic, question, chronologically, etc.
  4. TaskCards, OneNote, Mentimeter, or Whiteboard (O365) can be used as digital alternatives for this activity.
    Image Source: Energy Pool, Oslo