Come over here if …

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Getting to know more about each other in-class can help start conversations between students in out-of-class settings.

1. Model examples that are not too personal.
2. Ask everyone to start walking around the room, and then, one-by-one, share something that is true for them and invite others who agree to join them.
For example, I might shout out, “Come over here if your dream vacation is hiking in Patagonia” and a self-selected group of people will rush over to stand near me.
3. As soon as they get into place, someone else will share out something new, and the group might rush away.
4. The idea is to get people sharing things out quickly so that everyone is moving around, but you don’t want the pace to be so frantic that no one can be heard. It’s meant to be fun and energizing, and also allows people to learn more about each other.

This activity is best Works best in a learning space with a flat floor.