Dotmocracy Voting

#plenary #building community #collaboration

This is a great activity to use after brainstorming to assess the interests of the class and focus on one of the issues students highlighted in greater depth later on during the class.

• Dotmocracy is a technique for voting and recognizing levels of agreement among a group of people.

  • For example, in a group discussion, five potential strategies for dealing with a particular problem might be suggested. One way of accessing individual opinions on each of these alternatives in a non-threatening fashion is to write all of the options on large sheets of paper and put these sheets of paper on the wall.

• Use a digital polling tool (e.g. Mentimeter) to visually assess the opinion of the group as a whole. Alternatively, let students use dot-stickers or markers students to add a checkmark or dot as their “Vote” on each option/opinion presented.