Complete turn taking

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A benefit of this activity is that it allows students to speak uninterrupted. It also allows the students to work through some of their issues, questions or concerns with the text together.


  • Each student should be asked to bring a couple of questions to class. These can either be questions to clarify, issues they think were left unresolved, or ideas or positions not yet considered.
  • Have the entire class arrange themselves in a circle. Alternatively, students can be in small-medium size groups (4-8 students).
  • One student reads a question aloud.
  • The student to their left then has one minute of uninterrupted time to speak and give their thoughts. This person signals that they are done speaking by saying, “OK, I’m done.”
  • The next person to the left goes, has one minute of uninterrupted time to speak, and signals they are done by saying, “OK I’m done.” Finally, the third student to the left goes, following the same pattern.
  • After three people have had a chance to speak, the conversation is opened up to the whole group for two minutes of discussion.

The next student gets to ask a question, and this cycle continues.