Case Studies

This is a great activity for students to work on the practical applications of more theoretical or abstract course material. For example, students can come up with pros and cons for two possible options or solutions to a case, utilizing two different perspectives presented in the class to attempt to solve an issue.

CC BY 2.0 Jernej Furman


  • Provide the students with a real-world case for the students to study (e.g. a news article, account of a decision or procedure, video, etc.). Alternatively, have students find their own case to examine.

  • Individually, or in small groups (2-4 students), have students analyze the case using guidelines and a framework provided by you (the instructor).

  • Have students present their analysis to the class, or require groups to turn in written answers. If presenting in class, try to facilitate discussion such that students connect the case with material in class.

  • After student analysis has been completed, ensure that the group has concretely discussed how the case study illustrates application of theoretical or background concepts from course material.

This can also be an #individual activity